Beautifully Different

Vantari Genetics

Content Strategy / Casting / Photography / Interactive / Film Production

Vive la difference.

Vantari Genetics challenges the idea that people have limited control over their health futures. With a focus on genetics, they believe we can abandon the cure-driven approach and move to a proactive model¬†‚ÄĒ from anticipating drug interactions to analyzing risks for inherited diseases and cancer.

We helped Vantari radically change the way they were telling their¬†story ‚ÄĒ moving from a dry,¬†clinical presentation¬†to a human-centered approach that got straight to heart of the¬†life-changing work they are doing. The work¬†included a complete website redesign, photography and the development of the Beautifully Different¬†campaign that played out¬†across their communications channels.¬†

Our Client
Vantari Genetics
Our Role
Content Strategy
Film Production

The photography served as the centerpiece of a video on Vantari's homepage and was used as a key component throughout their website. 

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